Staff Development

Staff Development courses

Course objectives include:


  • Describe theoretical, pathological and environmental explanations for aggression within mental health or leaning disability settings
  • Identify and demonstrate aspects of non-verbal deescalation, verbal strategies and conflict resolution styles
  • Reflect on the effect of functional and dysfunctional coping strategies on people’s lives and behaviour and relate this to mental health or learning disability settings
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the positive contributions that service-users can make to prevention strategies, including awareness of how issues relating to culture, race, disability, sexuality and gender can enhance this process
  • Describe individual and organisational responsibilities with regard to legal, ethical and moral frameworks relating to the use of force

Course objectives include:

  • Define what we mean by challenging behaviour and the function it provides
  • Differentiate between emotion, aggression and violence and how to respond effectively
  • Consider environmental and personal factors that influence challenging behaviour
  • Understand how an individual’s sensory preference influences the triggers of their emotion
  • Use non-verbal methods to build rapport and increase trust
  • Understand some of the root causes of challenging behaviour and how to address them pro-actively


Course Objectives include:


  • Understand the relevant legislation that governs the use of force in the UK
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Health & Safety, manual handling and medical implications of using force
  • Practice and demonstrate medically reviewed and risk assessed breakaway techniques to create a window of opportunity to escape an immediate threat
  • Practice and demonstrate medically reviewed and risk assessed Physical Intervention techniques
  • Develop self awareness to preempt danger and avoid the need for force