Leadership Development

Leadership Development courses

Course objectives include:


  • Identify the equalities and legal implications of their actions throughout the recruitment and selection process
  • Shortlist applications fairly, consistently, and objectively using non-discriminatory criteria
  • Plan and structure interviews
  • Develop effective questions based on the job profile and application form
  • Demonstrate effective and consistent questioning techniques
  • Assess interviews systematically and make fair and robust recruitment decisions

Course objectives include:


  • Differences between managing and leading
    Progress your team through the different stages of team development
    Flexing your leadership style to meet the needs of those in your team
    Apply the principles of effective delegation to situational leadership styles
    Lead through, and manage the impact of, change on their team
    Recognise and value the different strengths people bring to a team and motivate accordingly

Course Objectives include:


  • Identify the differences between coaching, mentoring and instructing or training
  • Describe your coaching style and the impact this has on others
  • Use the core skills of active listening, questioning and giving feedback
  • Work through a model of the coaching process
  • Plan for managing coaching relationships in the workplace